Wildland Foods Chaga Chunks LOCAL

Wildland Foods Chaga Chunks LOCAL

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75 grams dried chaga equivalent to approximately 150 grams fresh chaga mushroom

An excellent coffee substitute, this mushroom is simmered to make a rich tea, full of antioxidents and nutrients. Our Chaga is all winter harvested sustainably from birch trees without damaging the trees. 


Simmer 75 grams chaga in 4-6 cups water 15-30 minutes in pot on stovetop or slow cooker for 2-3 hrs until rich, coffee-like colour is acquired, strain and sweeten/add cream as desired. Strain and freeze chunks and reuse up to 3 times until flavour/colour is reduced.  

1 package makes 20+ cups 

Note: you may use smaller quantities of chaga to start but it will take longer to achieve the same strength

Wildland Foods, Manitoba

All of our products are proudly sourced from the pristine Canadian wilderness

At Wildland Foods, we harvest only the highest quality produce which are dried with our portable commercial dehydrator to preserve the flavours of the wild for the most sustainable form of storage. This takes up the least amount of space and allows us to conserve energy as we can dehydrate on site. This means our products are dried when at the peak of freshness which you can enjoy throughout the year. 



David Beer is of Aboriginal descent, and grew up harvesting various wild foods with his family.

Caitlin grew up spending time in nature with her family, as well as working and studying horticulture at Olds College.

Together, in 2018 they founded Wildland Foods, a western Manitoba based company, as a way to share the unique products they enjoy with others, 

They started out supplying restaurants and wholesalers before expanding to public sales in 2020.

Wildland Foods' products are harvested sustainably by our professional team of trained experts. After years of research and experience, we have formulated a system of harvesting, dehydrating and transporting our products in an environmentally sustainable way while preserving the flavours of the forest for your culinary adventures.