May I special order products?

Yes! As long as we deal with the particular brand of product you are searching for, chances are very high that we may already stock it in our retail store or can order it soon. We may have a different brand that will be an acceptable substitute as well. Our retail store has over five thousand items in the natural food theme so just E-mail your request to us, and we'll do our best to find what you're looking for!

How do I go about ordering Christmas Gift Trays for you to mail to people on my Christmas list?

First of all, place the order for the tray(s) online. There will be a Special Instructions box so you can type in what you want us to say on the gift card. eg. "Happy Holidays Sue and John! Love Jessie, Brian and Vincent"

Then you will have to include the complete mailing address. This method works best when you are only ordering one tray. When you have a number of different tray designs all going to different people, then it is best to type into the Special Instructions box that you will be sending a separate email (via the Contact Us page) that includes the entire list of recipients and addresses along with which tray they are to receive, and we will take care of you. What could be easier?

When I order bulk product priced per 100 gram, do I have to purchase exactly 100 grams?

You must purchase in units of 100 grams. If you wish to purchase 500g, for example, order 5 units. A kilogram is 1000 grams, or 10 units. 


How can I tell by looking at a supplement if it is a quality product?

Good question! Often it can be very difficult for the consumer to determine the quality. Several years ago, an independent lab tested fifty different brands of Panax Ginseng pulled from store shelves. Out of the fifty, only eight had any significant amount of the active properties of ginseng (ginsenosides), about thirty were ginseng but were of such low quality that they contained very little ginsenosides, and the remaining dozen were not even ginseng! The top three ginsengs were Canadian manufactured. The top eight were all products from well established manufacturers who follow good manufacturing practices and who have extensive labs for testing.

As retailers, two farm kids Natural Foods has a policy of purchasing supplements only from top quality manufacturers, the majority of which are Canadian, such as Natural Factors, Preferred Nutrition, and Alpha Health. The trusted American herbal leader, Nature's Way, makes the grade with its long history of quality products. Who doesn't make the grade? Products touting fantastic claims as magical cure-alls without the registered NPN or DIN number necessary to verify a claim, products without full ingredient disclosure on the labels (there are people out there who would try to get you to take a "natural" product without telling you exactly what's in it!), products that cannot be backed up with a lab analysis, products labelled "extracts" that don't include the percentage of active properties. Almost every day, another brand of product comes across our desks. Our guidelines are "TRIED, TESTED AND TRUE."

What about shipping charges?

As of October 1st, 2013, the minimum shipping charge will be about $10 per package. We ship across Canada via Canada Post Expedited shipping and the best rates possible will be selected based on package size, weight and distance to be shipped. If you'd like to know what your shipping charges will be, simply add your products to the Cart, and begin the Check-Out process. Once you enter your address, you will see available shipping options. You can still alter your order after this process.  

For larger, bulk orders (over 30kg) or for orders that you would like shipped to multiple addresses, please Contact Us for accurate charges. 

Read more about our Shipping Policy here.

Do you ship internationally?

At this time we only ship to Canadian addresses. 

What about privacy and security concerns?

This website operates on the Shopify platform. Read more about Shopify's Privacy Policy here.

What about returns?

Please review our Refund Policy here.