Selenium 50 mcg (No-Yeast)

Selenium 50 mcg (No-Yeast)

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Feature summary

This is the antioxidant mineral that works with vitamin E to fight free radicals. As a trace mineral selenium helps promote normal growth, fertility and detoxification, as well as helping to slow aging. 

Low levels of selenium has been linked to a higher risk for unwanted cell proliferation, cardiovascular disease, inflammatory diseases, and other conditions associated with increased free radical damage including premature aging and cataract formation. 

Severe selenium deficiency is associated with Keshan disease - a severe heart disorder that affects primarily children and women of child-bearing age in some areas of China where selenium levels in the soil are very low. However, severe selenium deficient states are extremely rare in North America. More common is the chronically low selenium intake that is associated with an increased risk for unwanted cell proliferation and/or heart disease, and low immune function. 

Selenium Oxide 50 mcg is an easily assimilated form of organic Selenium. Selenium works as an antioxidant, helping to prevent free radical damage. Antioxidants have been clinically proven to scavenge free radicals and prevent damage to cellular structure throughout the human body. Preserving cell health is actively being researched for its relationship to improved longevity, health and well-being.


Each tablet contains: 
Elemental selenium (selenium HVP* chelate) .............. 50 mcg 
*HVP: hydrolyzed vegetable protein (rice)

Uses and benefits

  • Potent antioxidant
  • Free radical scavenger
  • Promotes fertility
  • Assists with detoxification
  • Supports healthy immune function  

Additional information

Children: Selenium is suitable for use in children. For children, a good dosage recommendation for selenium supplementation is 1.5 mcg per pound of body weight. 

Pregnancy and Nursing: Selenium supplementation is suitable during pregnancy and lactation at recommended levels. 

Seniors: No special precautions are known.