SANTEVIA Recovery Water Stick - Purify & Hydrogen Boost

  • $19.99

Recovery Stick

Purify your water on-the-go with Santevia Recovery Water Stick. Simple shake out chlorine and shake in minerals in less than 5 minutes!

Transform your tap water with the Recovery Stick. Hydrogen-rich, antioxidant water speeds muscle, skin, bone, and brain recovery. It improves circulation and metabolism, and helps balance fat and cholesterol.

- Improves taste

- Reduces chlorine

- Adds antioxidant

- Raises pH 

Made in Canada, the Recovery Stick is your best companion after a hard work out or a busy day! 

Activate the Santevia Recovery Stick by submerging it into bottle or glass. Shake or stir for 30 seconds. Water will reach optimal pH and chlorine reduction within 3-5 minutes. It's that simple!  

The Santevia Recovery Stick is a masterpiece of unpressurized filtration technology. Water filtered through it meets or exceeds NSF/ANSI Standard 42 for chlorine reduction, taste, and odour.  

Filtration Life: 3 months or 180L/48 gal 

NOTE: the Santevia Recovery Stick is intended for use with microbiologically safe water only.