Olive Leaf

Olive Leaf

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15% Oleuropein 500 mg Capsules

Feature summary

Olive Leaf (Olea europaea) extract exerts powerful antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, and antiparasitic activity. Anecdotal evidence shows it to be helpful for many stubborn infections. It seems to work particularly well for colds, flu, and other respiratory infections.

Components of olive leaf extract have powerful antioxidant activity and have shown to reduce oxidation of harmful LDL cholesterol in animal studies. Researchers suggest that components in olives may be responsible for some of the cardiovascular protective effects of Mediterranean diet.


Each Capsule Contains: 
Olive leaf extract (Olea europaea) .............500 mg 
  (Guaranteed minimum 15% oleuropein)

Uses and benefits

  • Antiviral, antibacterial, antimicrobial function
  • Reduces the length and severity of a cold or flu
  • Enhances immune system function
  • Strong antioxidant

Additional information

Children: Suitable for use in children at one-half the adult dosage.

Pregnancy and Nursing: As the effects of olive leaf during pregnancy and lactation have not been sufficiently evaluated, it should not be used during these times.

Seniors: No special precautions are known.