Kombucha Scoby Kit - 3 Flavours

  • $34.99

Create your own Kombucha at home that is both delicious and packed full of health benefits. Our Kombucha Scoby is of the highest quality from the lush tropics of Hawaii. The production facility is USDA Organic certified, so you can be sure of the highest standards in production. These convenient DIY Kombucha kits are fun and easy to do at home with simple to follow instructions. Each kit contains one Live Organic Scoby, one large Organic Tea bag, and one step by step instruction sheet for making 3.78 Litres of Kombucha. Enjoy and Have fun!

Our Kombucha Kits Highlights:

– Our Kombucha Scoby culture is LIVE CULTURE
– Makes approximately 10 bottles of Kombucha per kit
– Easy to use and fun to make
– Great Gift for yourself, friends, family or loved ones
– Fun Activity for the whole Family to enjoy
– Our Live Scoby Cultures can be reused to make many batches
– Kombucha Mill kits contain everything needed including a high quality Live Scoby Kombucha Culture, a large high quality Organic tea bag and instruction sheet
– Create your own Kombucha drinks at home that are both delicious and pact full of health benefits!
– Our products are of the highest grade, made from the lush tropics of Hawaii. Our production facility is USDA Organic Certified, so you can be sure of the high standards in production.