Green Tea with Ginger Organic

Green Tea with Ginger Organic

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Mellow, yet refreshing.

Herbal Power 
Light and mildly stimulating, green tea is a healthy beverage.*

Reason to Love 
“Tea” can actually be used to mean black or green tea—which both come from the leaves of the same plant, Camellia sinensis, but are processed differently. This green tea is hand plucked, withered, steamed and fired. Green tea has been drunk for many thousands of years as a healthy beverage. Refreshing and mildly stimulating, with a low caffeine content, we love green tea as an afternoon pick-me-up, as well as for its beneficial properties.*

Mildly tannic, with mellow hints of blackberry leaf and zingy ginger.

Each tea bag is safety sealed in a tamper-evident envelope.

Please note, Servings Per Container is 20 - NOT 16 as is stated in the Supplement Facts above.

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