Fan Aromatherapy Diffuser "I LOVE" Heart Chakra Set

  • $39.99

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Fan cold diffusion

For a daily and travelling use.

Adapted to small rooms.

What is it?

A small fan diffuser that blows cold air to release the essential oils.

This kit contains one diffuser, one essential oil, and one chakra gemstone. More specific info  is provided below.

How to use it?

Place the provided cotton pad into your diffuser and place a few drops of essential oil on it. Now relax and enjoy the scents of your favorite essential oils!

Recycled bamboo

  • Diffusion mode: 2 hours continuous mode by fan cold diffusion
  • Covers up to 215 sq.ft
  • Light colour: 7 multicoloured lights or selection of one colour
  • Power: USB cable or Lithium rechargeable battery
  • Dimensions: diameter 3.9 x height 2 inches

The Chakras are the seven core energy centers in our body. The energy of the Chakra affects our emotions and health.

The Heart Chakra is the fourth. It is the balance point between all the chakras. It is associated with self-love, happiness, interior sun, and the desire to enter into a relationship with others.

To practice Heart Chakra balancing and aligning, use the therapeutic power of the Organic Bergamot essential oil. This essential oil is ideal to relieve blockages and helps you to regain your interior sun. Place a few drops on the cotton pad and let the fan diffuse its scent.


Amazonite is a gemstone of harmony, filtering negative thoughts and energy. This semi-precious gemstone is believed to balance your energy and helps you to express your feelings. It is considered to be a joyful stone and attracts friendship. It is a gemstone that you can carry with you.


by Le Comptoir Aroma