Diatomaceous Earth - Food Grade. 2 sizes available

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Our High-Quality Food Grade DE is safe and non-toxic, ready for personal, pets, and home uses. Our Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth (di-a-toe-may-shus) is 100% pure, natural, free from additives and chemically unmodified.

  • 100% Freshwater Diatomaceous Earth
  • Pure, natural, uncalcined
  • Free from additives and chemically unmodified
  • Source of amorphous silica - contains 89% silicon dioxide

Our Diatomaceous Earth meets the highest quality standards and is sourced from one of the purest deposits worldwide. It is mined in the USA and imported to Canada for packaging and distribution.

Using our DE for any popular use is safe and easy:

DE for People

Our Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth is safe for all human uses, including using it as a detox or cleanse from parasites and heavy metals. Another impressive benefit is using our DE regularly can help to strengthen artery walls (because of the high content of amorphous silica) and in turn, lowering cholesterol levels. Similarly, DE has also been gaining popularity to increase finger nail and toe nail density, as well as fuller shinier hair. 

A very common deficit in a person's diet in our culture is silica. When you use our Food Grade DE, it is a safe and natural way to re-introduce silica into your body and diet.** There are many amazing uses for Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth, and there are several ways to improve your personal health with our high quality and safe brand of DE. We have sourced our DE very carefully, and are happy to inform our customers that we carry DE with the lowest levels of crystalline silica on a consumer level. Our level of crystalline silica is less than 0.1% (<0.1%) in any given sample. 

~ One further recommendation we like to make is to add a Magnesium supplement to your diet if you are using our Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth in your diet for an extended period of time (3 months consecutively or more). Elemental Silica (amorphous silica) has strong bonding properties and typically competes with the body's ability to absorb both calcium and magnesium. If you are already using a Calcium or Magnesium supplement, we recommend taking DE and your chosen supplement about 12 hours apart for maximum absorption and effectiveness of both products mutually.

There are several other application of our product for human uses. For example, you can use our DE as a facial mud mask to exfoliate and clear away dead skin. It can also be used on an open wound to help blood clot more quickly (a coagulator), and you can also use our DE to reduce the spread of some skin conditions that are moisture related, like ringworm and other common rashes.

The truth is, more and more applications for food grade DE are being discovered on a regular basis as people learn, explore, and experiment with this new and remarkable natural product. We want to encourage our customers to use this product with confidence in its safety and effectiveness, but we also advise caution. 

**These statements have not been evaluated by Health Canada, these claims are not intended to diagnose, cure, or treat any medical condition or symptoms. We ask in any case where you require direct medical advice, please speak with a trusted physician, MD, ND or health professional.

DE for Pets & Farm 

Pets Health

Our Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth is safe and suitable for a variety of Pets Health related needs. From dogs and cats, to lizards and birds; there are so many ways that DE can help to improve your pets health. Please read the following information to give you a head start on just some of the ways you can help your Pet using our natural and non-toxic Food grade Diatomaceous Earth. Just like people, your pets deserve to be healthy too!

DE for Dogs

Using Food Grade DE for your Dog is quite easy, as most dogs barely even notice when you add DE to their daily bowl of food. Our Diatomaceous Earth mixes very well in wet food, and can also be sprinkled over dry food, or even mixed into water. The immediate benefits for your dog will be improved digestion, reduction and elimination of internal parasites like worms and other digestive mites, improved shine in fur and coat with stronger nails and teeth (from amorphous silica), and an overall improved metabolism and immune system.

DE for Cats

There are several excellent ways to improve health for your cat using our DE. The most common way is to reduce and eliminate odour and excess moisture in your cats litter box. Diatomaceous Earth is an impressive deodourizer, especially when it is generously mixed into the cat litter before use. The DE will also help the used litter to clump and stick together for easier cleaning. Adding food grade DE to your cat's diet is also quite beneficial because it can reduce and eliminate internal parasites like worms and other digestive mites. And just like dogs, it will increase the strength of their claws and improve the natural shine in their fur.

DE for Rodents

Our DE can also be used as a deodourizer and absorbent in rodent bedding. It will dramatically reduce the odours created by urine and droppings, it will also impressively absorb moisture where it is applied, making cleaning and disposing waste easier and more efficient. DE can also be added to the diet of Rabbits or other livestock, including all rodent pets (hamsters, gerbils, rats, guinea pigs, ferrets, hedgehogs etc) which will reduce and eliminate internal parasites like worms or digestive mites, and improve the natural shine in fur and strength of nails and claws.

DE for Birds and Reptiles

Our DE is safe to use as an additional absorbent, mixed into the litter or bedding for your bird or reptile pets. Of course for Chickens this is a very popular product to control moisture and odour in the barn stalls and internal parasites in their digestion. Reptiles and tropical birds may be more sensitive to dry dust in the air (DE is a very fine dust that often is suspended in the air before settling) so we recommend using sparingly with tropical birds and reptiles.

Feed Additive

Our Diatomaceous Earth is commonly used as a deordourizer and a feed additive, where it can be spread and applied in a livestock stall or barn surroundings to reduce molding and reduce moisture created from manure. Mixing our DE into your feed and silos also acts as an inert carrier, reducing mold and other mites that might live in grain silos or other food storage bins.

We recommend adding our Diatomaceous Earth to your feed and silos, to increase your animals health and reduce your feed costs, particularly reducing waste that can result from mold and other unwanted moisture. In general practice, adding our food grade DE to your livestock's diet in an amount that is 1-2% of the animals total diet will bring about the best possible results.

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth has been recognized for a long time as a feed additive for livestock of all kinds. It acts as an anti-caking agent with it extremely high absorbency, and also acts as a de-wormer for many livestock. Because of it's high silica (amorphous) content, our Food Grade DE will bring out a healthy shine in your livestock's fur and coats, as well as giving them stronger hooves and nails/claws.

Absorbent & Deodourizer

Food Grade Diatomaceous earth has many exceptional uses, especially for being a completely natural sediment, unaltered by heat or pressure treatments. We do advise caution to not inhale the dust excessively, as it can cause acute irritation (similar to chalk dust or other fine powders that can be inhaled through the air).

Under a microscope, Diatomaceous Earth has a unique hexagonal structure which makes it highly porous. This means that it has the ability to adhere to oils and other fluids or surfaces, which makes it an excellent aid for cleaning up spills in the garage, or helping keep moisture down in barn stalls, cat litter, or other applications where moisture and odours needs to be controlled (indoor or outdoor uses).

Because of it's absorbent nature, DE also helps to prevent the growth of unwanted organisms like mold and mildew. When DE is placed in the environment, it removes moisture immediately, making it almost impossible for microbes and mold to survive. Our DE has a water absorption ability of 160% and an oil absorption ability of 120%. For example, this means that 1 kg of DE can absorb 1.6 kg of water, or 1 kg can absorb 1.2 kg of oil.