SCHAR Cookies - Chocolate Cookie Bars (GF)

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Have you ever thought you could do with Getafix's magic potion when you are experiencing a down moment during a long day? Well - Chocolix has similar effects!

Well, no - Chocolix won't give you any superpowers. But there is nothing better when you're longing for a little treat, when your sweet tooth beckons or you need a quick chocolatey energy boost! And unlike the Gauls, we make no secret of the ingredients: a yummy layer of milk chocolate wrapped around a delicate, crunchy biscuit and a heart of sweet and creamy caramel. It sure tastes magical!

Ingredients: milk chocolate 32% - cocoa 36% (sugar, cocoa butter whole milk powder 20% , cocoa mass 8% skimmed milk powder 4% emulsifier: soya lecithin flavour ) caramel filling 30% [glucose syrup, humectant: glycerine; sugar, water, modified tapioca starch skimmed milk powder stabilizer: cellulose butter fat (milk) , caramelized sugar syrup 1%, salt, natural flavour] maize flour palm fat maize starch sugar glucose syrup soya flour modified tapioca starch modified maize starch natural flavour salt raising agents: sodium hydrogen carbonate, ammonium hydrogen carbonate rice starch 

May contain traces of lupin 

Dr. Schar Inc.® 

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