Coconut Flour - Organic

  • $13.99

Inari Organic Coconut Flour 
  • 100% Pure and Raw
  • Gluten-Free
  • Very High in Fibre and Iron
  • GMO-Free
  • Ketogenic Diet Staple

Organic coconut flour


Inari organic coconut flour is made from 100% pure, fresh, organic coconut “meat” that is dried, defatted and finely ground. Our flour is rich in dietary fibre and suitable for a variety of specialized diets (e.g. keto, gluten-free, raw food or carbohydrate-restricted). Inari coconut flour has a slight nutty odour and flavour profile that helps to enhance the taste of other ingredients (i.e. chocolate, vanilla, etc.). It also helps to improve the texture of baked products and can increase baking yield by 14 - 38%.


Coconut flour can be easily substituted for a portion of wheat flour in a variety of recipes. Consider replacing 5 - 15% of wheat flour with coconut flour when making muffins, bagels and breads; and 10 - 40% for cakes, brownies and cookies.