Bo & Marrow Bone Broth - Little Munchkins Milder Beef

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Little Munchkins

Help promote healthy bones, teeth, digestion and strengthen developing immunity systems with one amazing broth created just for kids! 
Little Munchkins is Classic Beef’s gentler counterpart, with a milder flavor that little ones will love. It’s made with tender loving care, grass-fed/finished marrow bones, organic veggies and a pinch of Himalayan sea salt.

  • The broth is a great base for baby food. You can serve it up in a sippy cup too, for easy feeding and eating. 
Little munchkins broth Ingredients: Grass Fed Beef (beef knuckle, femur, and shank), Organic Veggies ( *carrots, *celery, *parsnip ), organic apple cider vinegar. *=ORGANIC

Love in Every Sip 
Bo and Marrow’s sippable bone broths are hand-crafted, using only the best, locally-sourced ingredients, packed in space-saving, resealable bags for effortless use.

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