Hydrogen Peroxide, Food Grade. 17.5% 1.0L

Hydrogen Peroxide, Food Grade. 17.5% 1.0L

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How to use this product:

  • Pour in spa and hot tubes instead of using chlorine.

  • Use as a cleaner / sanitizer.

  • Replace chemical cleaners in your home with SuperOxygen hydrogen peroxide.

  • Sanitize cutting boards and scrub brushes.

Why use this product?

  • Household Sanitizer.

  • You can make your household cleaner and safer, just by substituting hydrogen peroxide for those caustic chemicals you are currently using.

  • Food grade hydrogen peroxide has no additives and is the only pure grade that is safe for use in food production.

  • There are no toxins in hydrogen peroxide. It not only destroys organic contamination, but breaks down to the two purest and most beneficial chemicals: pure water and pure oxygen.

Suggested Uses:

  • To sanitize compost pails, cutting boards, and scrub brushes.

  • For washing carpets, floors, and windows.

  • To brighten laundry & remove stains.

  • To sanitize water for a variety of uses e.g. aquariums, fish farms, livestock consumption, swimming pools and spas etc.

  • As a produce wash, to keep fruits and veggies fresh longer.

  • Stripping wood furniture, and cleaning wooden decks.

  • In gardening: As a plant fertilizer and plant spray.

  • In relaxing baths and foot baths.

  • In farming operations.

  • Taxidermists use it to clean and whiten bones.

  • It's used in making cheese.

Background Info:

Many people are looking for a natural alternatives to chemical sanitizer cleaners. Hydrogen peroxide is a powerful oxidizer with the ability to sanitize produce, materials etc. Therefore, food grade hydrogen peroxide could be used to sanitize a soaking tub. 

Almost everyone likes to relax in a hot tub, but most people do not like cleaning them. Hard water and foreign materials can stick to the sides of a tub very quickly, and bacteria breed fast. 

Chemical such as chlorine or bromine are common cleaning materials for hot tubs. Hydrogen peroxide is an excellent non-toxic alternative to using harsh chemical cleaners. For the hot tub, hydrogen peroxide should be used in a high strength solution, not the 3% commonly found in stores. When poured into a soaking tub, hydrogen peroxide immediately disassociates into water and oxygen ions. These ions are so unstable that they quickly attach to anything within reach, destroying bacteria on contact. Within several hours the reaction is completed, leaving stable oxygen and water. 

Hydrogen peroxide can also be used as a weekly treatment for standing water. Keep in mind though that bacteria multiples in warm temperatures so it's still a good idea to drain you tub regularly. To sanitize a hot tub, hydrogen peroxide is thoroughly mixed into the water at 1/4 to 1/2 cup per 100 gallons. Note, that concentrated hydrogen peroxide is a powerful oxidizer which can cause skin to burn if poured directly from the bottle. Take care and follow all indicated precautions on the bottle. 

Warnings: Must be diluted before using. Danger! Keep out of reach of children. Toxic or fatal if swallowed at full strength. Strong oxidizer, cleanser. Contact with clothing or combustibles may cause fire. Avoid contact with flammable or combustible materials. Avoid contact with skin and clothing at full strength.